Type : Rim fire cartridge Metric English
Calibre: 2.34 mm. 0.092126 in.
Bullet length: 4.53 mm. 0.178346 in.
Bullet weight: 0.128 g. 1.9753 grains
Cartridge length: 6.1 mm. 0.240157 in.
Cartridge diameter: 2.34 mm. 0.092126 in.
Rim diameter: 2.8 mm. 0.110236 in
Live ammunition total length: 9.13 mm. 0.359449 in.
Average V0: 121.8 m/sec.- 399.6 f/sec.
Bullet energy: 0.97 J. 0.7154 ft-lbf

This 2.34mm rim fire ammunition is made by SwissMiniGun.

Blank and live cartridges are available.

The power of the SwissMiniGun Cal. 2.34m/m ammunition is just less than 1 joule.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform journalists who are interested in writing articles about our product that the power of most airguns or BB guns, which are in many countries freely on sale, can exceed over 10 times the power of our ammunition.

We do not wish to find on the web the same kind of nonsense article we have found lately.

Therefore, journalists are very welcome to contact us for any further information. Thank you.